The world's first

AI product delivery platform

Meet the only software architect solution, which allows you to design, build and deploy enterprise grade software using your own AI powered co-pilot.

Speak Business, Build Software with Enterprise AI

dot-star is the worlds first enterprise platform with reliable, fully functional AI code generation capabilities.

Describe your business processes, and build enterprise-grade software effortlessly.

Drive business outcomes, minimise risk, and accelerate time-to-market with dot-star.

Storm your ideas

Capture complex business processes step-by-step using simple natural language. A working software blueprint is automatically generated as you map.

Collaborate with stakeholders to map and document the most complex of business processes in minutes.

Turn this into working software at the click of a button.

Faster Time to Market: Empower Your Business with dot-star

dot-star’s AI platform empowers your organisation to achieve a significant competitive edge by dramatically accelerating time to market.

  • Accelerate delivery of Business Goals: optimize your entire development process for faster delivery of market-ready solutions.
  • Unlock Efficiency: Analyze code samples across functions (QA, Security, DevOps, etc.), then – generate code directly from your process map at the click of a button.
  • Streamline Workflows for Business Success: Enhance collaboration across departments, ensuring faster transition from concept to market, ultimately driving business growth.

dot-star: Empower your organization, achieve faster innovation.


Prioritise Revenue Creating Work

dot-star helps you organize complex work across teams to drive business outcomes.

dot-star utilises powerful AI to create unmatched efficiency and value

Enable those closest to the real-world details of your business to customise and create flows

Leverage our optimized processes and intelligent code automation to catapult your product to market with unprecedented speed

dot-star’s built-in safeguards help mitigate risk, ensuring a smooth transition from idea creation to launch


Generate working software with one click

Describe an entire process or part of it in simple language.

Or simply upload a picture of a user interface.

Dot-star will automatically generate working software with a single click…

Reliably, Repeatedly every time!